The Design Process

“Change is the only constant on this earth”

I have evolved as a human being and as a designer. My lines are cleaner and forms are more articulated now. I have the photographs of works from my past. I do not dislike it, but I do not practice those forms now. I wonder what kind of lines will flow out after another ten years!

When I start sketching, it is purely a 4B pencil on white paper. Yes, I think in black and white! I start adding colors only after forms start taking shape. Forms look best in monochrome where you can appreciate solids from voids without getting distracted by colors. Colors come in only to enhance the forms.

Hussain-Doshi Gufa

Hussain-Doshi Gufa (photo credits: SLClaassen)

As a student I was scared of sketching. My lines were not confident and I was more concerned about the aesthetics of my sketch pad. We were made to sit in front of lovely structures like the Hussain-Doshi Gufa and were asked to sketch. So intimidated about doing justice to such famous creations, I was sure my sketching skills could never do justice to it.

A professor made me sit in front of a weaving loom used by a middle aged woman and asked me to sketch. He said, “Just put some lines so that we know you were in front of this loom and that lady. That is what a sketch’s function is”. That day, I got over my fear!

I have not looked back after that. My sketches may not be breathtakingly beautiful, but they are good to transfer my thoughts on paper. I use this tool to communicate with my Kannada speaking house-help too! I still use age old paper and pencil to create.

In the design process, the journey starts from the concept to requirement, to space, to physical manifestation, to use, to reuse, to alter, to going back to the drawing board. We go back and forth to make sure that the concept is not restricted to a beautiful thought only but is carried forward with the right attitude.

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