It has been nineteen years since the word 'design' has dominated my life. Right from my first assignment in design school I was clear that I did not like symmetry. There is no symmetry in nature but it is still so balanced. I love the monochrome of green during the monsoons. Just the different shades of green makes it so soothing. And then you notice a tiny bling of color when a flower blooms. That is exactly my definition of aesthetics. Create a background with soothing forms and add a wave which becomes a focus.

One embellishes to catch attention. But then there are various ways to catch attention. So I run away from embellishment.

There are many designers I get inspired from. The list is long. Phillip Starck's name tops the list. Be it a Samsonite bag, Duravit w.c or Felix Bar, you cannot miss his lines.

"Less is More" . "Form follows Function" . I have many phrases on my pin-board. But my favorite is ... [read the rest on my blog]